Martin's Success Story

Martin loved his food and always looked forward to cooking the family dinners. He was a big meat eater and enjoyed cooking outdoors on the BBQ several times a week. A year ago however, after suffering some gut problems which were causing him quite a lot of pain and embarrassment, especially at work, he decided to seek help. 

He was advised that he needed to introduce more fibre into his diet since he was eating mostly dairy and meat products which didn't contain any of the fibre he was missing. He was advised he start introducing more plant foods into his diet particularly more fresh whole fruits and vegetables such as green leafy greens, whole grains, and legumes (peas, beans and lentils) and to reduce his reliance on dairy and meat.

Martin found it easy to add more fruit and veg onto his plate especially salads which complimeneted his meat diet well. However, instead of using vegetables as an alternative, it was complimentary and additive so he was eating a lot more food than he did before.

For a short time Martin was encouraged to change his cooking habits and instead of BBQing outdoors, to use the stove indoors until he could reduce the amount of meat. This was he could also increase the variety of food he was cooking for himself and his famil. 

By cooking on the stove Martin was also able to boil some rice, millet or quineoa and use a steamer in the same pan to gently cook some broccoli, carrots, or kale.

The family plates looked so much more colourful and he was not only improving his own gut flora (microbiome) which caused the inflammation and pain to cease, but also timproving he health of his family.