Janet's Success Story

Janet had been taking a high dose of prednisone to manage a concerning flare she was having with her Lupus. She had suffered before with it's side effects but not as bad as this time. She was experiencing terrific joint pain and struggling to leave the house.

The prednisone she was taking to manage her symptoms was causing bloating and fluid retention but worse still she was having severe food cravings for all things sweet.

Her mind was in constant motion thinking about the next sugar hit, and even after eating oversized meals she wasn't satisfied and the craving for sugar got the better of her causing her to seek out instant comfort with cakes, candy and biscuits.

Her weight was noticeably increasing and because she was in pain she wasn't very active around the house. She needed to act quick to curb her sugar urges which she knew would significantly reduce her inflammatory response and make her feel better. 

Janet realised that if she could distract her mind away from the idea of eating and was engaged in something else she loved to do, she could while away the hours and not even notice any cravings. Everytime she even so much as felt a twinge of a craving she quickly put on her spotify paylist with her favourite classical artists and took to her studio to draw and paint. She loved her art and creating new things, which meant she not only didn't crave unhealthy snacks but also got so engrossed she forgot about her joint pain!