Support, Supervision, Coaching & Training for Practitioners

At Unbinding Minds we provide group and individual support, supervision & coaching for practitioners working with people experiencing post-trauma stress.


We also provide post-trauma stress training for those starting out or who need more experience, knowledge, and/or skills to work effectively with someone recovering from trauma or a severe stress response.

Ensuring our skills and knowledge are sound will be crucial for helping someone become unstuck from post-trauma stress symptoms. 

Supervision & support for trauma therapists

Group and individual support to enhance your skills in working with clients recovering from post-trauma stress.

Post-trauma stress training for practitioners

Learn more about how to enhance your skills & knowledge to work effectively with clients with post-trauma stress

Learn more about using Hypnotic Processing Therapy, a multi-faceted, imagery-focused, evidence-based approach for alleviating/eliminating post-trauma symptoms!

Free webinar for practitioners to learn more about Hypnotic Processing Therapy for Post-trauma Stress 

Free webinar ~ Register to watch now! 

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