Therapy &/or coaching with Karen Bartle


Individually tailored therapy/coaching for carers and trauma survivors


Whether you're a carer of someone recovering from post trauma stress or a survivor of trauma, therapy and coaching are valuable tools to help you relax, de-stress, and resolve daily issues to improve your quality of life.

Taking good care of ourselves as carers and survivors of trauma is an essential part of building resilience to more readily manage any obstacles that might come our way. 


Stress is a major deal for triggering disease and disorder and can take it's toll on our mind and bodies. Even the smallest stressors, if persistent and severe, can impact us in big ways.


Post trauma stress can be chronic if left untreated and unmanaged. However, people will recover more quickly if they get the right help and support to manage it as early as possible.

Recovery is always possible though, even for those who don't experience post trauma stress until months or years after their traumatic incident occurred.


There may never seem a right time to seek help but what we do know is the sooner we seek help the less we have to suffer with our post trauma stress symptoms and the happier and healthier we will be!

Therapy & coaching for Carers

Learn more about how therapy & coaching sessions could help you as a carer of feel resilient supporting recovering from post-trauma stress.


Therapy & coaching for survivors

Are you struggling to recover from from post-trauma stress and feel stuck? Learn more about how therapy & coaching could help you.